Wonderful weeks in beautiful Sri Lanka


After two wonderful weeks in beautiful Sri Lanka, it is time for a short review.

From pickup at the airport to our departure we have enjoyed Sohan´s company and his efforts to make our stay comfortable and memorable.

Although we had planned our trip ourselves we could always seek help and inspiration from Sohan on interesting places and things to see, when he was driving us from one place to another.

He is an excellent, respectful driver and a trustworthy guide. Sohan is exceptionally good at tuning in on your wishes and aspirations, he will listen to you and adapt his suggestions accordingly and he is not just following a rigid plan or scheduled, to get the job done.

His english is very good and he will be sharing details and insights on everything from local matters to historical events, all you have to do is ask.

Sohan has understood the concept of customer service and I’m sure that he will build a very successful business, we will highly recommend him for round trips at Sri Lanka.

I for one will definitely book him next year when we come back to explore more of this exciting and wonderful island.

Thanks Sohan and see you next year

All the best

Viktoria, Kristina & Karsten

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